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Welcome to the BEST Blog. Your source for unrivaled concierge industry insights.

We’ve taken 30 years of experience in transforming company cultures and brought it to one spot.

Read client and customer success stories, learn more about effective human capital strategies, and glean insights on improving the patient experience.

How Do Concierge Services and the Patient Experience Movement Intersect?


The patient experience movement inspired changes that led to experience becoming a fundamental quality of comprehensive care. Today, as healthcare consumers increasingly factor experience into…

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What Is It Like to Have a Patient Concierge When You’re Living in a Hospital?

Worried parent with her daughter at the hospital

Hospital services can help parents with seriously ill children remain with their child throughout the duration of their medical treatment. Can you imagine practically living…

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What are the Benefits of a Patient Concierge Program?


There are many constraints and challenges in providing great patient care. One of the biggest challenges is filling the gap between what patients and their…

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How Will Your Organization Advance the Patient Experience Movement?


Takeaways from the 2017 Beryl Institute Patient Experience Conference.   Last month, we attended the Beryl Institute Patient Experience Conference for the first time. It…

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Why Customer Service is at The Heart of an Employee Concierge Service


Research shows there is a relationship between customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction. A concierge program is a proven approach for organizations to show its employees…

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Who Pays for a Concierge?


  When approaching the topic of concierge services, one of the first questions is always about the price tag. How much does it cost, or…

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What is a Concierge


  What is a concierge?  The term seems simple enough, but there are many different types of concierges found in a variety of industries.  The…

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Why Your Employee Benefits Package Needs Concierge Services


Take a moment and think about your day. What is on your to-do list? If it involves eight hours of work, a few errands and…

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