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Patient Concierge Program

Bridging the Gaps to Patient Experience Excellence

Improve your hospital's patient experience and enhance efficiency while alleviating staff stress by outsourcing the non-clinical needs of your patients and their families to us.

Elevate Patient and Family Satisfaction

Create a hospital experience that exceeds your patients’ expectations.

  • Streamline patient and family experiences.
  • Enhance communication and advocacy.
  • Ease hospital transitions.

Reduce Stress for Hospital Staff

Say goodbye to burdensome non-clinical tasks that distract your staff and create delays.

  • Empower staff to focus on patient care.
  • Give clinical teams a resource to delegate non-clinical tasks.
  • Improve patient flow.

Competitive Market Differentiator

Differentiate your hospital by enhancing the patient experience.

  • Boost brand loyalty.
  • Create customers for life.

Welcome to a New Era of Patient-Centric Care

For patients and their loved ones, the experience of being cared for is just as important as the care itself. Recognizing this integral aspect, we address your hospital's non-clinical patient and family care gaps. Our specialized concierge support system is designed to bridge these crucial gaps, streamlining and managing tasks outside the clinical spectrum.

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Seamless Support From Admissions to Post Discharge

It’s as easy as A, B, C and D!®


Admissions Assistance

  • Book travel arrangements for guests.
  • Purchase special toiletries.
  • Retrieve forgotten items.
  • Coordinate shipping.

Bedside Assistance

  • Food delivery from local restaurants.
  • Mail retrieval.
  • Coordinating special celebrations.
  • Banking and notary services.

Customer Service

  • Provide front desk help.
  • Wayfinding services.
  • Manage patient complaints and service recovery.
  • Facilitate a lost-and-found system.

Discharge Assistance

  • Arrange transportation and wait with patients.
  • Pick up prescriptions and supplies.
  • Transfer belongings.
  • Deliver groceries.

How We Deliver Winning Concierge Programs to Hospitals

Our customer success team creates, markets and manages your tailored concierge program. They're like your backstage VIP crew, ensuring an impactful launch and unwavering, top-notch support.

Customized PX Program

We scope and design a custom concierge program to fill the non-clinical gaps impacting your hospital's patient experience, overextending your staff and reducing efficiency.

Turnkey Solution

Our team of service delivery experts manages your customized concierge program, guaranteeing an impactful launch and sustained, robust support.

Concierge Support

You receive dedicated concierge support from a strictly vetted team that’s completed our proprietary training program, Serving the SOUL®.


Our comprehensive communication support propels program awareness among staff, patients, and their loved ones.

Monthly and Annual Reporting

You'll receive monthly and annual reports with actionable insights, program statistics, and invaluable feedback from patients and guests.


Patient customers agree BEST made their time at the hospital more pleasant.


Patient customers agree the concierge helped reduce their stress level.


Patient customers agree they are more likely to refer someone to the hospital because of the concierge service.


Patient customers agree their hospital experience improved because of the concierge service.

Unlocking Success Together

Our Seamless Implementation Process

Clinical Staff and Stakeholder Focus Groups

Engage in collaborative sessions where clinical staff and key stakeholders share insights, perspectives and goals. This inclusive approach ensures that the resulting concierge program aligns seamlessly with your hospital's unique dynamics.

Gap Analysis

Dive deep into an analysis that identifies the gaps and opportunities within your current processes. This crucial step lays the foundation for a customized solution, addressing specific challenges and enhancing your hospital's overall efficiency and experience.

Value Stream Mapping Exercises

Craft a visual representation of your processes with our value stream mapping exercises. Uncover inefficiencies, streamline workflows and optimize care delivery. This hands-on approach allows us to fine-tune the implementation process, ensuring a tailored concierge program that truly reflects your hospital's unique needs.

Elevate Comfort. Enhance Communication.

Discover the essence of exceptional care with BEST's exclusive training and patient interaction model, Serving the SOUL.®

  • Enhances communications between hospital guests, staff and physicians.
  • Creates special moments that foster meaningful patient interactions.
  • Unveils service opportunities.
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Program Features

  • On- and off-campus errand running.
  • Patient rounding.
  • 24/7/365 multi-channel access.
  • Customized kits with essential items that increase comfort for patients and their guests.

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Our Concierge Platforms

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, our concierge platforms streamline requests, ensuring secure, swift and efficient service delivery.

  • Proprietary and PCI-compliant CyberButler® concierge software and point-of-sale system.
  • Interactive patient portal with dedicated concierge details, enrollment form and more.
  • Additional multi-channel access: email, two-way text messaging, toll-free phone.