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Employee Concierge Program

The Ultimate Work-Life Balance Benefit

When your employees thrive so does your business. Our stress-busting concierge program empowers your talent to focus on what matters the most — their work and well-being.

Improve Work-Life Balance

Empower your team to reclaim their invaluable personal time, prioritize their well-being and shed the weight of excess stress.

  • Support staff through every life stage.
  • Curb stress and burnout.
  • Foster resilience.

Supercharge Recruiting and Retention

Attract top-tier talent, fortify your bonds with existing employees and avoid stress-related turnover.

  • Boost job satisfaction.
  • Cultivate longstanding loyalty.
  • Enhance your employee value proposition.

Increase Engagement and Productivity

Equipped with a resource to delegate distracting life tasks, your employees are empowered to direct their focus and energy toward work.

  • Free the mind to focus.
  • Reduce absenteeism for personal tasks.
  • Create time for training and development.

Elevate Employee Experience

Create a culture of continuous support that demonstrates your commitment to improving employees' day-to-day lives.

  • Ease time stress unique to on-site employees.
  • Support remote employees with virtual services.
  • Improve financial wellness with curated discounts.

Do you know what to look for before investing in an employee concierge program?

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Concierge Service Examples

On-Campus Errand Running

Concierges work with local vendors to bring services on-site, such as dry cleaning, vehicle servicing and lunch delivery.

Convenience Services

BEST elevates convenience through the provision of stamps, cards and other products on hand, as well as tickets to local and national attractions.

Travel and Event Planning

Leave it up to BEST to plan every detail of your next getaway or event. From making arrangements to exchanging currency, BEST has your employees covered.

Off-Campus Errand Running

Errand services allow employees to offload tasks, such as shopping, prescription pick-up, returns, post office runs and courier services.

Information Research

Concierges save employees the time it takes to research and find a special gift, a new mechanic, or the best deal on new windows, for example.

Home-Based Help

Your employees can ask BEST to wait at their homes for a service repair, installation or delivery, so they don’t have to leave work.

The BEST team ... helps us stay focused on our primary objectives. They will plan events, support customer visits, impromptu needs that arise and do all of those things with a smile. ... They are a great organization to be associated with.

Ben Smith
NA Logistics Director
Atmus Filtration Technologies

Customers agree BEST helped improve their focus on work-related tasks.


Customers agree the service makes them feel valued by their employer.


Customers agree that BEST helped reduce their stress levels.


Customers agree they are satisfied with BEST.

How We Deliver Winning Concierge Programs to Employers

Our customer success team creates, markets and manages your tailored concierge program. They're like your backstage VIP crew, ensuring an impactful launch and unwavering, top-notch support.

Customized Program

We create a customized concierge service that meets the unique needs of your employees.

Concierge Support

You get highly trained, dedicated concierge support that seamlessly integrates into your company culture.


We continuously promote the program to maximize employee utilization.

Monthly and Annual Reporting

You receive monthly and annual reports with actionable insights and program stats.


Our comprehensive range of services is crafted to address the diverse needs of your team, ensuring they can focus on their roles while we take care of the rest.

  • On-site and virtual services designed for every season of life.
  • 24/7/365 multi-channel access.
  • Request a service in seconds with our concierge app.
  • Curated discounts and vendor relationships.

Our Concierge Platforms

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, our concierge platforms streamline requests, ensuring secure, swift and efficient service delivery.

  • Proprietary and PCI-compliant CyberButler® concierge software and point-of-sale system.
  • Request a service in seconds with our award-winning mobile app, BestURequest.
  • Customer portal with dedicated concierge details, newsletter, vendor discounts and more.
  • Additional multi-channel access: email, two-way text messaging, toll-free phone.