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The Year of the Patient

healthcare worker with happy patient

2018 was revolutionary for healthcare consumers because patient experience was adopted by the mainstream as a non-negotiable of adequate care.

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What Your Competition Knows About Patient Experience

doctor speaking to patient in bed

Non-clinical services are an untapped source of influence that’s actively shaping your patients’ overall perception of care.

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A Simple Solution to Keep Holiday Stress Under Wraps

woman hiking w/toddler in backpack

Thirty-five percent of employees view the holidays as one of the most stressful times of the year.

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Improving Patient Experience in the Emergency Department


The emergency department is a hospital’s introduction to millions of healthcare consumer every year.

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It’s a Candidate’s Market. Can You Compete?

two women shaking hands in office

After recovering from the great recession the tables have turned on employers.

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Interview With a Patient Concierge


Since 2016 Natalie has been a patient concierge with BEST, providing services to patients, patient families and employees.

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The Link Between Employee and Patient Satisfaction

Medical Team Meeting With Happy Smiling Senior Couple In Hospital Room

Organizations that deliver a “superior customer experience achieve net margins that are 50 percent higher than hospitals providing “average” customer service.

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7 Biggest Reasons to Outsource Concierge Services

outsource vs in-house

Most organizations with a concierge service consider developing an in-house program.

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Team Member Spotlight: Patient Concierge


Meet Jennifer Ryan a member of BEST’s patient concierge team serving patients and patient families at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

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How Concierge Services Helped This Patient’s Family

Worried parent with her daughter at the hospital

Margaret, the mother of a pediatric patient, shares how patient concierge services helped her cope during her daughter’s hospitalization.

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