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How COVID-19 Changed the Employee Benefits Landscape


Understanding how COVID-19 changed the employee benefits landscape will help organizations pick perks that attract and retain talent.

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Four Surefire Ways to Improve Hospital Patient Satisfaction

Four ways to increase patient satisfaction at your hospital? Header image of satisfied patient sitting up in hospital bed smiling and ready to face a new day.

Hospital leaders are focused on improving patient satisfaction, but it is a tough road to navigate in today’s healthcare landscape.

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What Hospital Leaders Need to Know About the Future of Healthcare Labor

Healthcare employees standing together outside a hospital. Nurses, doctors and physician assistants. Future healthcare labor trends healthcare leaders need to know.

COVID-19 is no longer the biggest crisis facing hospitals.

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Who Is in Charge: You or Your Smartphone?


It’s time to put down your smartphone and pick up your life.

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How Hospitals Are Getting Creative To Attract & Retain Nurses

Image of a registered nurse at a hospital wearing a surgical mask.

Higher pay is not a cure-all for nurse retention. Instead, hospitals are beefing up their benefits in creative ways.

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Oncologist Taps Wellness Benefit to Prevent Burnout

man wearing white coat w/St. Elizabeth Hospital logo

Dr. Doug Flora, a successful oncologist, husband and father, describes his life as “professionally successful, but time-bankrupt.”

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Should You Try TikTok’s Time Blocking Trend?


Millions have found success with time blocking, but is it the right time management technique for you?

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Stay Interviews: The Next Big Trend of The Great Resignation

Illustration of a large magnet pulling in employees. Conveys idea that stay interviews can improve employee retention and recruiting.

Find out how organizations are using stay interviews to turn the tide on turnover.

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Time Management Isn’t About Working More


Do you approach your calendar like it’s a game of Tetris? If so, you may be missing the point of time management.

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Hospital’s Maternity Unit Concierge Service Helps Moms During COVID-19

In the Hospital Woman Gives Newborn Baby to a Mother to Hold, Supportive Father Lovingly Hugging Baby and Wife. Happy Family in the Modern Delivery Ward.

How one hospital is improving the labor and delivery experience during COVID-19.

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