How Is an Employee Concierge Service Different Than a Hotel Concierge?

Typically, people associate the word “concierge” with luxury. They think of high-end hotels in exotic locations and American Express Platinum cardholders. 

Now, take these pre-conceived notions about what a concierge service is and apply it to your workplace. If your first thought is, “This is something for the top executives” you’re in good company. Most people assume that the “luxury” of a concierge is reserved for the exclusive few.

At Best Upon Request, we challenge this notion. Our employee concierge program serves as the great equalizer. In other words, we’ve taken the exclusivity paradigm and flipped it on its head by designing a concierge service that’s inclusive in two ways: it serves everybody and it provides support without the expensive fees.

In our experience, a strong company culture is based on inclusivity. That’s why our employee concierge program serves everyone from the CEO to your newest entry-level associate.

A strong concierge program is all-inclusive. BEST’s concierges are trained to do everything from gas tank fill-ups and grocery shopping to planning your department’s next celebration.

In today’s highly competitive labor market, businesses are adding employee concierge services to their benefits packages to recruit and retain top talent, build morale and increase productivity.

More employers are coming to see what we’ve known all along – that a concierge service isn’t a luxury. It’s a must-have for cutting-edge organizations with cultures that foster work-life integration for their employees.

We want to hear from you! In the comments section below tell us what your biggest opportunities are for creating an inclusive company culture.