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Employee Concierge Services

Learn how concierge services can transform your organization.
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Attract, engage and retain the talent your organization needs to be successful with a work/life employee benefit that instantly decreases stress and improves overall wellness.

Best Upon Request serves employees in many industries including healthcare (nurses and staff), finance, tech, insurance, consulting, manufacturing and distribution.

Service Examples

Service Examples

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On-Campus Errand Running

Concierges work with local vendors to bring services on site such as dry cleaning, vehicle servicing and lunch delivery.

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Off-Campus Errand Running

Errand services allow employees to offload tasks such as shopping, prescription pick-up, returns, post office runs and courier services.

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Convenience Services

Convenient offerings such as selling stamps, cards and other products on hand, and procuring tickets to local attractions.

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Information Research

Concierges save employees the time it takes to research and find a special gift, a new mechanic, or the best deal on new windows, for example.

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Travel and Event Planning

Leave it up to BEST to plan every detail of your next getaway or event. From making arrangements to exchanging currency, BEST has your employees covered.

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Home-Based Help

Your employees can ask BEST to wait at their homes for a service repair, installation or delivery, so they don’t have to leave work.

What could your organization achieve with a less-stressed workforce?

What could your organization achieve with a less-stressed workforce?

Increase Employee Engagement

99% of surveyed customers agree that BEST helped reduce their stress levels.


Boost Retention
& Loyalty

99% of surveyed customers agree the service makes them feel valued by their employer.


Recruiting Efforts

100% of surveyed customers agree they were satisfied with Best Upon Request.


Improve Productivity

97% of surveyed customers agree BEST helped improve their focus on work-related tasks.

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Employee Customer Testimonials

Employee Customer Testimonials

"More and more is being demanded of us at home, as parents and also as employees, which makes it hard to find the time to take care of the little things that are important but not urgent (until they become really urgent). Best Upon Request allows me to outsource those little things, making me better at home and at work, and I couldn't be more appreciative."

Vice President

"Best Upon Request is the biggest blessing and the most wonderful gift an employer can offer its employees. I am able to focus completely on my patients and my tasks at hand without worrying about my laundry list of to-dos. Especially during this time with COVID and virtually teaching my kids and working full time, this service has saved me over and over again. Thank you so much!"

Clinical Quality Specialist

"[The concierge] has done so much to help me out. I work two jobs so when I need to do something that is time-consuming, like research on vacation places, check reservations for tickets, order flowers for co-workers, etc., she is there to help. She is quick and efficient and is a lifesaver as far as I am concerned."


"[The concierge] does a great job. She directly enables me to keep my focus on work and be as productive as I can be. I really appreciate this service. I know that this is a differentiator for my employer when attracting and retaining talent."

Customer Service Representative

"I have used this service many times. I realized that while I am busy working, they can cover the stuff I usually do after hours. She has helped me with airline tickets, with RV information, with real estate research, with shopping tips for our India colleagues, how to vote if you don’t have a permanent residence, etc. I find this service INVALUABLE and so glad that my employer has offered it. I will also have her shopping car insurance for me and doing my annual credit card research. THANK YOU so much!!! It’s the small stuff that is really the BIG STUFF!"

Solution Architect

"I am new to the Best Upon Request concierge service and I can't believe I haven't used it before. This is a service that makes me feel valued and taken care of in such a hectic time in health care. With short staffing, I have been picking up extra shifts almost every week which makes it very difficult to take care of daily tasks like grocery shopping. Thank you for your help and service. It makes a world of a difference for myself and many of my coworkers."

Registered Nurse

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