What is a Patient Concierge?

A patient concierge is one of the most effective resources hospitals can offer to their patients, patient families and guests. Hospitals offer patient concierge services to improve the patient and guest experience. This, along with other efforts, increases patient satisfaction scores resulting in better overall hospital performance.

A patient concierge program should be flexible to the specific needs of your organization and sensitive to its goals. It is a strategic partnership to co-create organizational change for the betterment of your patients and your business.

In hospitals, concierges can be accessible to all patients or specific units or floors. Some organizations choose to target long-term patients and their families, or wherever families need extra support, others choose to focus on areas that have lower satisfaction scores.


Emergency Department Concierge
If your organization’s Emergency Department (ED) is struggling with patient flow and poor satisfaction scores, the patient concierge can target this unit to offer support for its unique needs. A patient concierge program can show a tangible difference, not just in numbers but spirit as well.

A healthcare client of BEST’s was struggling with ED patient satisfaction due to long wait times. We crafted a high-touch, patient and guest concierge program with an on-site presence seven day a week, drastically improving the patient and employee experience.

Recently, our corporate team paid a visit to this client and our patient concierge team. It was clear how valuable the concierges have become after a few short months – we couldn’t tell who loved the concierges more, the patients or the staff!

Patient Family Concierge
Consider the incredible challenges that patients and their families experience during a medical crisis requiring a long-term hospital stay.

The concierges focus on the needs of patient families and guests. This allows the family to remain with the patient while the hospital staff focuses on the patient’s medical needs.

When patients, families and guests feel valued and know someone is available to meet their non-medical needs, their anxiety is reduced and their hospital experience improves.

Cancer Center Concierge
BEST provides customized solutions for cancer treatment centers, addressing the unique needs of outpatients and inpatients. We partner with organizations to provide services that lessen the personal stressors that patients and their families face while undergoing extensive, time-consuming treatment. The strategic partnership between BEST and the cancer centers we serve has raised the bar on how cancer care is delivered.

A patient concierge program is only as strong as the people providing the service. It takes a special person to fill this role, which is considered during our recruiting process, candidate selection and throughout training and implementation.

Please take a moment to read about BEST’s extensive Patient Concierge training program Serving the Soul

Life doesn’t stop because we’re sick.
A patient concierge program manages patient’s considerable non-clinical needs to improve their hospital experience. It also improves the employees’ experience by taking a burden off their shoulders so they can focus on medical needs, thereby improving their job satisfaction, and most importantly their patients’ clinical outcomes.