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What are the Benefits of Patient Concierge Services?

Hospitals need a cost-effective patient satisfaction solution.

Ensuring long-term financial viability is a business imperative for hospitals. Among the strategies that come to the forefront, patient concierge services stand out as a pivotal element in strengthening financial performance.

While the commitment to delivering top-notch medical care remains indisputable, acknowledging the profound influence of patient contentment and allegiance on achieving financial success is equally imperative.

Through the integration of patient concierge services, hospitals can create a people-centered support environment that draws in and maintains patients but also nurtures a lasting sense of loyalty that transcends individual appointments.

Keep reading to discover the seven distinct and compelling advantages of a patient concierge service.


Top 7 Benefits of a Patient Concierge Service


1.Enhance Patient Experience

Patient concierge services aim to provide personalized assistance and support to patients and their families. This can include services like scheduling appointments, assisting with paperwork, coordinating transportation and providing information about facilities. By simplifying the healthcare journey for patients, hospitals can create a positive impression and reduce the stress often associated with medical visits.


2. Improve ED Patient Satisfaction

Given that 70% of hospital inpatients admitted through the emergency department, healthcare systems must prioritize a seamless ED experience. Transforming a congested waiting area into a personalized, customer-focused encounter can significantly contribute to achieving this goal.

Concierge services have the potential to lay the foundation for a positive experience, even in the face of extended wait times. By effectively managing the anticipations of patients, their families and caregivers, these services can mitigate frustrations and create a more satisfactory environment.


3. Prioritize Direct Patient Care & Reduce Staff Stress


Has your hospital conducted an assessment to quantify the amount of time that clinical staff dedicates to tasks unrelated to direct patient care? We’ve observed that our patient concierge services effectively alleviate stress among clinical staff by attending to the non-clinical needs of patients and their families.


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Our study* indicates that approximately 88% of nurses devote nearly two hours per shift to addressing patients’ non-clinical requests. By delegating these non-clinical tasks to our concierge services, nurses can regain one hour of time for each task. This not only reduces stress for patients and their loved ones but also empowers healthcare providers to prioritize medical care more effectively.

Graphic that reads: Nurses save one hour for every non-clinical request they outsource to Best Upon Request's patient concierges.

4. Differentiation

In a competitive healthcare landscape, hospitals need ways to stand out. Offering patient concierge services can be a unique selling point that sets a hospital apart from others. Patients may choose a hospital that offers comprehensive support services over others that do not, potentially contributing to patient acquisition and retention.


5. Patient Satisfaction and Loyalty

A positive experience leads to higher patient satisfaction levels. When patients feel well-cared for and supported, they are more likely to develop a sense of loyalty towards the hospital. Satisfied patients are also more inclined to recommend the hospital to friends and family, which can result in increased patient referrals and a broader patient base.


6. Efficiency and Resource Allocation

Patient concierge services can improve the efficiency of hospital operations by streamlining administrative processes. This can free up staff to focus on more critical tasks and optimize resource allocation, leading to cost savings.


7. Brand Building

Offering exceptional patient concierge services contributes to building a strong brand image for the hospital. A reputation for attentive care and excellent service can attract not only patients but also potential investors and partners.


Best Upon Request’s Patient Concierge Services

Discover how BEST’s tailored Patient Concierge Solution elevates the overall hospital experience, leading to improved patient satisfaction and a more engaged healthcare workforce.


*Best Upon Request Nurse survey conducted at the ANCC National Magnet Conference.