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A Simple Solution to Keep Holiday Stress Under Wraps

35% of employees view the holidays as one of the most stressful times of the year.

As a result, productivity dips, absenteeism rises, and important deadlines are pushed back making for a rough start to the coming year.

On average, BEST experiences a 33 percent increase in service requests from November to January because employees are using our concierge program in overdrive to balance life, work and holiday demands successfully.

It’s the Least Productive Time of the Year!

Productivity is an elusive goal when employees are requesting additional PTO to compensate for an increase in personal obligations.

In a national survey of 2,700 professionals regarding holiday and workplace stress, respondents were asked how their employer could be of help. An overwhelming 69 percent named additional PTO and flexible schedules while eight percent asked for temporary staffing.

Having just one full-time concierge throughout the holiday season can satisfy the needs of 49 percent of your employees, according to Accountemp’s research.

The Gift of Time

If you want to give your employees something invaluable next holiday season, give them the gift of time. Providing a resource for employees to manage their obligations during the holiday season prevents excessive PTO and flex scheduling requests, dips in productivity and burnout.

Organizations, including our clients that want the best of both worlds: happy employees and high productivity, have chosen BEST’s Holiday Help program.

Stress Busting Services

Put the joy back into gift giving! We make organized runs to the biggest retailers in your area to help relieve the pressure and frustration of holiday shopping.

We have two words for you: Amazon Prime! What buried treasures are your employees looking for this holiday season? We’ll research it, find it, buy it, wrap it and hand-deliver it to your office.

 “BEST will do everything but open the gifts for you on Christmas morning!”
– Finance Industry Employee

Say goodbye to waiting in long lines during the busiest time of year. BEST can manage your office’s holiday shipping needs. From packaging and labeling to post office drop-off, we’ve got you covered.

Gift Wrapping: BEST hosts complimentary, on-site gift-wrapping events for employees. For those looking for something extra, concierges are available to arrange specialty wrapping.

Party & Meal Planning: Let us plan your holiday feast and do the shopping! Last-minute menu items? We can do that. Too busy to prepare your dish for the office holiday party? Let us pick-up something for you.

Reducing holiday stress doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated and your organization doesn’t need to sacrifice employees’ happiness at the altar of productivity.

With the right investments, your organization can thrive, instead of just surviving the holiday season and by doing so you’re establishing a positive momentum for the year to come.

When your employees walk away from the holidays feeling supported they’re more likely to give the gifts that keep on giving – hard work and loyalty!