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BEST is Great Place to Work Certified

We share a common goal with Great Place to Work: build a better world by helping organizations become “great places to work.”

Getting Great Place to Work (GPTW) certified confirmed that we’re achieving this goal! It’s also an excellent way to celebrate our upcoming 30th anniversary.

Our mission is simple: Help organizations create stronger company cultures by providing their employees with life-enriching experiences. We achieve this, in part, by giving the same professional fulfillment to our team members.

The proof is in the pudding! Our concierge teams have a 99 percent customer satisfaction rating.

“96% of our team members who responded to the survey stated that we are a great place to work; validation that team member satisfaction fuels customer satisfaction.”

– Natalie Lima Hall, Vice President of People and Culture at BEST

The survey includes more than 60 questions on culture, leadership and job satisfaction. The survey results need to meet a set positive response rate of at least seven out of ten employees rating their experience as positive to qualify for certification. We surpassed this goal: nine out of ten BEST team members rated their experience as consistently positive!

What the GPTW Survey Results Say About Our Culture

Our certification survey results gave insight as to why our team members think BEST is a great place to work. What immediately stood out is trust and purpose — clearly demonstrated in our survey’s top-performing statements.


Team members overwhelmingly feel that BEST leadership has their back! We encourage personal wellness by emphasizing work-life balance, and we empower employees to grow professionally, knowing that making honest mistakes is all part of the process.

We’re a mission-driven environment, and it shows with 93 percent of our team members reporting their job has a special meaning! While each role at BEST is critical, our concierges know that they’re truly changing lives every day. It’s what makes their role so unique.

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A natural byproduct of BEST’s high-trust environment is teamwork. We call our employees “team members” to state our commitment to working together as a team. We win together, and we fail together. Our shared experiences drive growth and solve problems. We call ourselves “solution providers” for our customers, and we walk that talk amongst our team.


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