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Faith, Freedom, Courage and a New Year

BEST’s CEO, Tillie Hidalgo Lima, reflects on the past year and hints at what is in store for 2022.

I see 2022 as a year of opportunity; for BEST, all of our clients and customers, and our country. But before I look to the future, I would like to take a brief moment to reflect on the past. After all, to move forward, we must look back.

2020 was unlike anything we could have anticipated: instead of the growth we planned for, there was the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence BEST’s company theme for 2021 was “Rise Up” like a Phoenix from the ashes – stronger, smarter and more capable. By God’s grace, we did indeed rise up. Yes, there was turbulence, but BEST was certified as a Great Place to Work for the third year in a row, despite the challenges. In addition, we retained a fantastic team of talented, dynamic and determined talent in the face of The Great Resignation. We also grew our concierge network and welcomed new clients.

Best Upon Request’s services are anxiolytic, meaning the work we do relieves and removes anxiety by giving our customers more time. The relief that we provide impacts people’s lives in such a positive way. Our concierges create a beautiful and virtuous cycle of lifting people out of the muck we’ve all been dealing with the past couple of years. Whether it is a lonely patient in an emergency department waiting to be admitted or a working mom that has way too much on her plate, BEST’s concierges are there as a helping hand.


BEST will continue to shine bright in 2022 (our new theme!) by courageously choosing faith over fear.


It also extends to being aware of the impact on mental health for our team members. One change that offered relief to our corporate team was to institute No Meeting Mondays to alleviate “Zoom fatigue.”

Like many of you, the blessings and the tribulations of the past two years have inspired me to reflect on my personal values as well as on BEST’s values as an organization. BEST will continue to shine bright in 2022 (our new theme!) by courageously choosing faith over fear, and we’ll welcome the blessings bestowed upon us with open arms.

Being an immigrant and refugee who escaped from communist Cuba, the word freedom – my word for 2021 – has a profound meaning for my family and me. My parents, grandparents and great-grandparents were all Freedom Fighters. So I come from a long line of perseverance and courage. The word courage comes from the word “corazón,” which means “heart.” My sister Patti always says, “Courage begets courage.”

My BEST family is strong and mighty. We completed our new three-year plan and I have a lot of hope for the future. A big part of our success, especially over the past two years, is that we lead with faith and courage, much like my parents and grandparents.

May the blessings of peace and joy be with you and your families at Christmas and in the New Year!