Executive Testimonials

“Best Upon Request, a pioneer in the concierge industry, has been a strong service provider to Fifth Third Bank for over two years. In 2012, we engaged Best Upon Request to launch an on-site employee concierge service for our downtown population of over 6,000. The employee response was overwhelmingly positive and has resulted in us opening a second on-site location for over 4,000 additional employees. Employees who use the service state they have less stress and increased work-life balance. From a broad perspective, the partnership between Best Upon Request and Fifth Third Bank supports one key business objective – to increase employee engagement. Together, Best Upon Request and Fifth Third Bank have helped employees improve their work productivity and engagement while achieving increased work-life balance.”

– Teresa J. Tanner, Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer, Fifth Third Bank





“United Federal Credit Union’s CEO, Gary Easterling, was looking for a unique way to thank our employees for their dedicated efforts and success during our recent period of rapid growth. At the same time, as Chief Human Resources Officer, I was focused on our human capital strategy. I had been researching and seeking ways to differentiate our credit union as an employer to help us attract and retain talent for our growing organization. Best Upon Request was the solution that fit all of these business needs in an innovative and meaningful way. The one thing we can’t create is more time in each day, yet BEST’s concierge program frees up valuable time for our employees. Rather than spending personal time searching the Internet or running errands, those chores are taken care of by BEST’s concierge service, allowing employees to spend more time with their family and friends. What employer-provided benefit could bring greater value than that?”

– Cindy L. Swigert, Chief Human Resources Officer, United Federal Credit Union





“We look at the cost of replacing staff. We look at the cost of hiring top talent. We look at the cost of having to hire premium staff when our own staff cannot make it to work. When you balance all of those things out, the cost of the program more than pays for itself.”

– Karen Mathews, Director of Work Life Services, WellStar Health System





“One of our cultural beliefs is to promote a healthy work/life balance. In today’s world, time is a valuable commodity. We can give our employees the gift of time by offering Best Upon Request’s concierge services. It’s a tool to help them maintain a work/life balance, thereby giving them a chance to bring enthusiasm to work while life’s interruptions are in BEST’s hands.”

– Susan Stansberry, CEO, Tucson Federal Credit Union




“Our employees lead busy lives outside the office.  This new service provides a little extra help doing everyday tasks.”

– Manny Rios, President & CEO, American Modern Insurance Group

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“In the competitive healthcare job market, we wanted to provide a premier benefit to our current and future employees of Bronson Healthcare Group that was not available at other organizations. It was our goal to make employees’ lives less stressful and complicated. Best Upon Request’s concierge services have made a considerable impact on our organization.”

– Frank J. Sardone, President and CEO, Bronson Methodist Hospital

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“WellStar’s partnership with Best Upon Request and the benefit they bring to our team members, especially our working mothers, is one reason we have achieved this level of success as an Employer of Choice.”

– David W. Anderson, EVP, Human Resources, Organizational Learning & Chief Compliance Officer, WellStar Health System





“Having the ability to get my personal to-do list done and be productive at work is something I could only dream of until Best Upon Request.  One or the other always had to wait.  Keeping up with a house and a child and pets is now manageable without additional stress!  Best Upon Request is my to-do list doers!!  They take care of my car, packages – haven’t been to the post office or a UPS drop box in over a year – and they find me people to care for my house – roof, gutters, plumbers!  I also use them to help with engagement efforts for my team.  They help me be a better and more responsive manager by executing on recognition efforts for my team members.  I often think about meaningful ways to reward and thank my team but getting it done is the hard part.  Best Upon Request is also instrumental in helping me get my work to-do list accomplished!”

– Kelly J. Soller, Vice President, Fifth Third Private Bank





Customer Testimonials 

“The concierge service is one of the reasons I say no to the recruiters when they call.”

“This is the best recruitment tool I have ever seen at a hospital. I told my friend that was moving to the area about the ladies at Best Upon Request. She applied at this hospital and is now working here. She loves the service too.”

“This is a very rewarding perk and makes me not only feel valued as an employee, but I feel strongly about my employer.”

“This service has changed my life by offering me more time with my children.”

“Every request has been meaningful, whether it is picking up my dry cleaning or grabbing treats for my children’s parties at school. Each request provides me with an opportunity to eat lunch with a colleague instead of running out to complete errands during my lunch break, or eliminating after work errand-running so I can go home to be with my family. I really appreciate Best Upon Request’s services!”