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Maternity Concierge Services

Learn how to better support working mothers in your organization.
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With a dedicated maternity concierge, employees who are pregnant, on maternity leave or have an infant receive much-needed assistance tailored to a working parent.

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How amazing would it be if all companies offered this benefit?


Women who enrolled in our program were almost 25% more likely to remain with their organization six months after returning from maternity leave.

Looking for Maternity Concierge for Patients?
See how our program designed for hospital LDRP units results in a premier birthing experience.

What Maternity Concierges Can Do

What Maternity Concierges Can Do

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One-on-one Consults


Resources and Checklists

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Company Sensor

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Child Care Research

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Party Planning

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Gift Services

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Online Shopping

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Legal Services

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Vendor Development

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Information Research

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Travel Planning

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Benefits of Maternity Concierge Services

Benefits of Maternity Concierge Services

  1. Retain working mothers.
  2. Advance women in your leadership pipeline.
  3. Uncover what the working moms in your organization need most.
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Without the maternity concierge, I honestly wouldn’t have been able to figure out how to navigate returning to work, nursing and heading up a new division.

Working Mother

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Named in Fast Company’s
“Top 11 Innovations That Made Women’s Lives Better In 2017”

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[The Maternity Concierge program] is a reminder that businesses are increasingly focused on trying to retain good employees, including those employees who may feel overwhelmed with the prospect of combining a job with parenthood or want to take time off to have children

Businesses aren’t just doing this for the PR or to be kind. They believe it’s in their business interest. Attracting and training talent is expensive, so investing in keeping great employees can be good for their bottom line.

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