Who pays for a concierge?

When approaching the topic of concierge services, one of the first questions is always about the price tag. How much does it cost, or how does payment even work? With different variables like mileage and service charges as well as varied pricing structures set by the provider, the question of who pays can have plethora of answers.

Many concierge providers work on a business-to-consumer basis. They help fulfill the needs in a manner similar to that of a personal assistant. There are a few that offer “pay as you go” options. You can utilize their resources either in person or virtually depending on their business model, and pay at an hourly rate. There are also membership options that allow you to pay ahead of time for a full month or multiple months of services.

One of the most common kinds of concierge services are those that come with cardholder benefits. Many credit card companies like American Express or MasterCard offer the help of a concierge to those who are cardholders. You can dial a call center and request assistance to get tickets to an event or show, dinner reservations or travel accommodations. The credit card company typically outsources the concierge service to a vendor and they cover the costs.  Therefore, the customer using the benefit experiences no fee when using the service.

Some organizations, including hospitals, offer concierge services to their employees as a benefit.  For this type of service, the fee structure is different.  The services are typically paid for by the organization so they are a true benefit for employees. The organization contracts with the concierge service provider to serve employees.

Even with this model, there are variations on what the customer pays (the employee who uses the service), including:

  • Mileage fees if the concierge drives his or her vehicle to run an errand*
  • Errand running fees for when the concierge goes off site to fulfill a request
  • Emergency service fees if an employee needs immediate assistance
  • Use of preferred vendors who provide kickbacks to the concierge


*This is the only additional fee Best Upon Request charges customers, unless the client (employer) chooses to cover mileage for its employees.