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Program Costs

Investing in a concierge program is an investment in your people and their well-being. Our clients have shared with us that a program staffed with one concierge often pays for itself if they retain just two employees or realize an improvement in patient satisfaction in a unit we round on.

Because organizations typically do not have a dedicated line item for “concierge service,” and because it widely impacts organizational culture, partnering with BEST is a strategic buying decision. The program sees more success when there is executive buy-in, both literally and figuratively.


BEST’s programs are paid by the corporation or hospital – there is no service fee for the employees or patients we serve.

Pricing of our concierge programs vary based on the size and needs of your organization. There are several variables that affect the pricing of a concierge program:

  • Hours of service
  • Number of employees for an employee concierge program
  • Number and distance of offices/buildings (concentration of workforce)
  • Number of patient beds for a patient concierge program
  • Service mix priority (i.e., focus on errand running versus at-desk sales)
  • Urban versus suburban environment

These factors and more contribute to the formula we use to staff for a successful concierge program for your organization.

We thought that it was an amazing idea for us to subsidize the cost so that our team members pay zero cost for this service and we felt like the return we get [from] the flexibility to be able to have things done by the concierge and be able to still be here at work and be productive was well worth our investment. 

- Patty Jones, Chief Human Resources Officer, Michigan First Credit Union

I love working with BEST. I love the true partnership approach that we can come together and we can exchange ideas, thoughts and feedback, that we do have a sense of mutual accountability to each other’s success. We want to win together and constantly improve together. It’s the collaborative approach that I appreciate the most. 

- Teresa Tanner, Former Chief Administrative Officer, Fifth Third Bank


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