At Your Best – October 2018


Investing in your employees pays – literally.

A new hiring matrix is quickly taking shape as the economy continues to improve and unemployment plummets. It’s officially a candidate’s market.

In April unemployment dropped to 3.9 percent, a 17-year low. At the same time Gallup reported that 70 percent of U.S. workers are disengaged; a large contributing factor to turnover.

The intersection of low unemployment and high turnover is creating retention issues that are costing employers hundreds of thousands, if not millions, annually.

Attrition doesn’t discriminate; it impacts every organization, at every level, in every industry. That’s why in this edition of At Your Best we’re exploring solutions with universal application that forward-thinking organizations are implementing to reduce turnover and increase engagement.

Healthcare Organizations Focus on Retention to Cut Costs

The healthcare industry continues to be battered by nonstop policy changes that threaten its long-term financial stability and clinical effectiveness, but organizations aren’t taking these disruptions lying down. One of the most promising areas for innovations is employee retention and engagement; an expensive challenge that’s plagued the industry for years.

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The Missing Link: Improving Patient Outcomes Through Nurse Satisfaction

It’s well-established that happier nurses equal happier patients, but did you know nurse satisfaction also impacts patient safety?

Read further to learn about crucial research that’s inspiring hospital administrators to rethink the way they’re managing nursing departments.

Managing Your Organization’s Engagement-Burnout Turnover Cycle

Take a moment to conceptualize your employees as appreciating assets whose worth is continually rising, and you’ll begin to see just how expensive the cost of turnover really is. This article reveals shocking statistics about the hidden costs of attrition, its cyclical nature and what your organization can do to turn it around.
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The Toll Physician Burnout Takes on Doctors’ Lives 

A 2.5-minute peek into the devastating impacts of burnout. Watch as Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s president and CEO, Dr. Laurie Glimcher, discusses the results of a physician burnout survey conducted in partnership with Brigham and Women’s Hospital.
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