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May 2017


Each year, as temperatures rise so can work-life tensions. For many, spring is the seasonal marker for a host of warm weather activities that pull us away from work.

That’s why this month we’re focusing on understanding the difference between work-life balance and work-life integration.

Laura Vanderkam of Fortune officially declared work-life balance dead in 2015. With the advent of 24/7 connectivity, the separation between professional and personal has eroded, making balance an elusive goal. As a culture, we’re evolving to integrate the two making for a happier, harmonious life.

Forward-thinking employers are striving to find new and innovative ways to foster work-life integration because they understand the strong correlation between their employees’ happiness and the bottom line.

An excellent example of this type of innovation is Michigan First Credit Union. Listen as their chief human resources officer, Patty Jones, discusses how Best Upon Request has revolutionized their employees’ lives.

Understanding the Nuances of Work-Life
Integration and the Impact It’s Having
on Employees

24/7 connectivity has ushered in
the age of work-life integration. Understanding key differences between this and work-life balance are vital to creating a strong company culture that attracts and retains the right candidates.
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The Link Between Employee Engagement
and the Patient Experience

As value-based reimbursement continues to shape the healthcare landscape, the patient experience has become increasingly important. An essential component of any successful patient experience strategy is satisfied and engaged employees. Read more >

More on the Case for Work-Life Integration

Brent Barootes, author of Reality Check, asserts that work-life integration is the key to success because it accurately reflects the interconnectedness of our lives. Watch as Brent debunks the myth of work-life balance.
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