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July 2017


It takes many personalities to drive successful business outcomes; although integrating these differences can be challenging.

Sometimes we’re operating with opposite personalities that can clash, but in the right circumstances they can be the winning combination a team needs. Successful organizations harness the power of difference by creating an inclusive work environment that allows every person to thrive.

In this issue of At Your Best, we’re exploring data-driven solutions your organization can implement to create a work environment that makes diversity your differentiator.

Understanding and Effectively
Positioning the Four Work-Styles
That Make Up Your Team

Harvard Business Review curated a four-piece talent management package that reviews the latest science behind team chemistry, which promises “to get the best team from any combination of personality types.”
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Cultivating a Winning Experience
for Introverts

Our culture prizes extroverts but
understanding the value introverts bring to your organization is important. When leadership doesn’t make room for introverted work-styles they miss out on a key components of a successful team.
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Is Physician Burnout Partially
Fueled by Personality?

In 2014 research showed that more than 50 percent of physicians were suffering from at least one symptom of burnout. Armed with new research, experts have identified key contributing factors including a dominant personality trait among doctors.
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Motivating Your Team Through Difficult Projects

This four-minute clip from Kellogg’s School of Management presents four steps that will increase your team’s productivity during difficult projects, leading to better results.
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