At Your Best – January 2019


2018 was a year of challenges that inspired prolific innovation throughout the business world. What we find to be the most inspiring, and hope you will too, are the technological innovations that have materialized to solve people-based problems.

This year, these innovations meet the trends that have emerged from our new business landscape.

That’s why BEST is dubbing 2019 as “The Year of Change.” It’s going to be a fast and furious ride, but with the right maneuvering, your organization can harness today’s challenges for tomorrow’s success.

This issue of At Your Best is a curated list of trends that will dominate 2019 from boardrooms to surgery suites and effectively serve as your roadmap to success.

2019 Biggest Human Resource Trends

HR is experiencing a torrent of innovation inspired by workplace cultural developments that are driven by the changing face of our labor force. Millennials are the largest generation actively working, as we’ve reported, and their primary drivers are radically different from Baby Boomers and Gen X. In response to this, a slew of HR technology trends are on the horizon for 2019. Read more >

Cleveland Clinic Reveals the Top 10 Medical Advancements Predicted for 2019

During the 2018 Medical Innovations Summit, a distinguished panel of Cleveland Clinic physicians and scientists led by Dr. Michael Roizen, Cleveland Clinic’s chief wellness officer, unveiled their predictions for 2019’s most significant advancements in healthcare. “[These innovations] will significantly transform the medical field and improve patient care throughout the world,” according to Dr. Roizen. Read more >

Value-based Healthcare Driving 2019’s Top Patient Experience Trends

As our healthcare system continues to move from volume to value, keeping patients happy and healthy is the key to higher revenue cycles. Five trends have emerged to accomplish this. These trends prioritize the patient-provider relationship and emphasize a convergence between health systems and insurance companies.
Read more >

Leadership in 2019 and Beyond

A new challenge requires a new approach that starts from the very top! Watch as an organizational strategist succinctly discusses six leadership development trends that will help your executives shore up success in 2019. Watch now >